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JURIVOX ™ Legal Products

Jurivox Legal Edition is an All-in-One software solution to help medium-large law firms achieve greater efficiency and reduce cost.

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JURIVOX ™ Intellectual Property Edition

Jurivox Intellectual Property Edition is an add-on module to the standard Jurivox Legal Edition. It is aimed at Patent & Trademark Agent Firms.

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KmAction ™ Staff Scheduling

KmAction is a product to be used by professionnal service organizations such as in the health sector and for the community support organizations.

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Jurivox - Legal Edition

Jurivox Legal Edition is an All-in-One software solution to help medium-large law firms achieve greater efficiency and reduce cost.

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Jurivox™, an Integrated Knowledge Management Solution:

Intelligence in a corporation consists in acknowledging and understanding new situations as well as adapting to the new business environments they create. Good business intelligence improves the decision-making process, insures competitive advantage and increases profitability!

Knowledge Management

To maximize intelligence, the corporation must have access to a reliable knowledge-based management system that will retrieve quickly the data that forms a clear picture of where the corporation stands at any given time. Managing documents, getting access to data from clients, providers or partners, following an account receivable, keeping a close eye on crucial dates or events. These are the nuts and bolts of sound management. These are often activities made complex by the shear weight of data dispersion and the difficulty of consulting information in a flash.

The JURIVOX™ management system is the software solution that allows the optimization of the organisation business intelligence.

JURIVOX™ was specifically developed for law firms (practice management) that specialize in the fields of intellectual property (IP), litigations and patents, as well as Business related matters.

Flexible Billing:

Billing is important, that is why you are in business.

You need options, your clients need options; this is aht Jurivox offers to you.

Billing alternatives mean increase client satisfaction


JURIVOX™ is developed to meet business intelligence requirements:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Interaction between different modules of the software
  • Single and centralized databases giving a fast access to strategic information
  • Reduction of data entry errors such as double entries
  • Greater productivity by reducing time spent on redundant tasks
  • Organization knowledge sharing thanks to a global database access (collaborative tool)
  • Integrated security of access
  • Electronic management of workflow and business processes

business intelligence

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