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JURIVOX ™ Legal Products

Jurivox Legal Edition is an All-in-One software solution to help medium-large law firms achieve greater efficiency and reduce cost.

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JURIVOX ™ Intellectual Property Edition

Jurivox Intellectual Property Edition is an add-on module to the standard Jurivox Legal Edition. It is aimed at Patent & Trademark Agent Firms.

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KmAction ™ Staff Scheduling

KmAction is a product to be used by professionnal service organizations such as in the health sector and for the community support organizations.

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KmAction - EPK

Electronic Personal Record - EPR™

These days, everyone can agree that services to the individual could be improved if the people responsible had access to the necessary information in a safe, fast and consistent manner while also being able to access the records anywhere and anytime. While creating the EPR, maximizing information accessibility for professional service providers seemed to be somewhat of a challenge.

However, MiO has standardized it’s EPR in order to make it compatible across platforms to communicate and exchange data with any Electronic Person Record management system. The data exchange can easily be set up to better control the access to the information.

In addition to providing medical information, the MiO electronic person record (EPR) can manage all life aspects of an individual.

The MiO EPR module includes all of the essential data to provide quality services to an individual. The information has been categorized into 8 subgroups to form this EPR™. These 8 subgroups are discribed below.


Staff scheduling, time attendance and link to payroll

Complete electronic health record Easy accessible and modifiable schedules


Document and image management

Practical and user-friendly daily planner Simplified document and image management

Relief/Respites, daily habits and hygiene management


Conservation of several aspects concerning the life of the individual Travelling and expenses Records

Budjet analysis

Incident reports

Individual and expense bugdget management Simplified and maximized production of incident reports as well as daily activity reports

KmAction stands for Knowledge management Action . Knowledge and action, two essential words to delivering services efficiently.

All of the elements related to an individual’s life are numerous and very complex but also connected.

The MiO KmActionTM EPR is a tool to provide efficient services at the office, at home or for the mobile user.

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