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JURIVOX ™ Legal Products

Jurivox Legal Edition is an All-in-One software solution to help medium-large law firms achieve greater efficiency and reduce cost.

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JURIVOX ™ Intellectual Property Edition

Jurivox Intellectual Property Edition is an add-on module to the standard Jurivox Legal Edition. It is aimed at Patent & Trademark Agent Firms.

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KmAction ™ Staff Scheduling

KmAction is a product to be used by professionnal service organizations such as in the health sector and for the community support organizations.

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KmAction - Staff Scheduling

KMAction™ is a product to be used by professionnal service organizations such as in the health sector and for the community support mobile workers.

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The business toolkit to integrate your entire organization!

Turn your knowledge into action! Start using KmAction™ Community Living Software Edition (CLS) KmAction™ CLS Edition provides you with a robust, integrated solution to handle all your organizational level’s knowledge. With KMAction™ it takes one click to find the knowledge in your system!

  • KmAction™ identifies and responds to your most critical needs
  • KmAction™ - An integrated solution
  • Information - the lifeblood of your organisation
  • Exceptional tool for storage
  • Share knowledge and collaborate more easily
  • What used to take hours now takes minutes with KmAction™
  • Maximize decision-making process
  • A new level of flexibility
  • Benefit

Reduce your staff cost, save time and effort to prepare professional Schedules

  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Schedule by Employee
  • Schedule by Location
  • Automatic Schedule Conflict Detection
  • Employee Houly Rate Management
  • Quickly create new Schedule Plans based on previous Schedule Plan(s)
  • Manage Multiple Schedule Plans (locations)
  • Multiple Positions per Individual
  • Multiple Wage Rates per Individual
  • Define Individual Schedule Availability
  • View Schedules by Staff and Location
  • Email Schedule(s)
  • Web Access by Employee
  • Print Schedule(s) for any period of time (start and end date)
  • Built-in Reporting
  • Export payroll data for processing by Payroll software
  • Uses a powerful SQL relational Database System
  • Built-in Multi-User support

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