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JURIVOX ™ Legal Products

Jurivox Legal Edition is an All-in-One software solution to help medium-large law firms achieve greater efficiency and reduce cost.

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JURIVOX ™ Intellectual Property Edition

Jurivox Intellectual Property Edition is an add-on module to the standard Jurivox Legal Edition. It is aimed at Patent & Trademark Agent Firms.

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KmAction ™ Staff Scheduling

KmAction is a product to be used by professionnal service organizations such as in the health sector and for the community support organizations.

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MiO Solutions


Jurivox ™ is a unique solution of its kind, includes all the needs of a law firm, and in addition all the needs of an intellectual property management firm.

It can be used for the legal field or to the field of intellectual property, in two separate editions:

  • Jurivox™- Legal Edition

  • Jurivox™- Intellectual Property Edition

Being also a completely integrated solution, Jurivox™ meets all the needs of a multidisciplinary firm.

Jurivox™ is the only end to end solution, entirely manufactured in Canada incorporating:

  • Management of a law firm as well as an intellectual property management firm in a one solution. 
  • North American Accounting + French Accounting + Asian Accounting
  • Include the rules of intellectual property of more than 100 country  (patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, copyrights)


One solution for all your needs!

Take Action! The software solution KmAction™, public and community organization edition is there for you.

KmAction™, public and community organization edition will increase the administrative efficiency of all of your sectors. With this software, you are only a click away from all of the organization's information:

  • Covers all your important needs.
  • Is an integrated solution, eliminating duplicates.
  • Avoids wasting time in research and recutting of your information.
  • Is a powerful tool for archiving your files.  
  • Share data efficiently between employees. 
  • Facilitates and accelerates long treatments such as mailings, schedules, correspondence
  • Is a tool to help decision making
  • Provides a long list of benefits

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